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Abstract Template Caulfield Research Week (docx 137 KB) Forms & templates
Access to unapproved goods (pdf 585 KB) Information
Advisers in researcher integrity (docx 16 KB) Information
AE flowchart (pdf 259 KB) Flowchart
Alfred Health position statement (docx 23 KB) Information
Alfred Health Week poster prize winners (pdf 333 KB) Information
Alfred Hospital Ethics Committee expedited review process for COVID-19 studies (pdf 468 KB) Information
Alfred Pathology research instruction sheet (pdf 223 KB) Information
Alfred SAE report form (docx 39 KB) Forms & templates
Amendment Collaboration (docx 21 KB) Forms & templates
Amendment Commercially Sponsored (docx 18 KB) Forms & templates
Amendment CRG (docx 16 KB) Forms & templates
Amendment investigator-initiated (docx 21 KB) Forms & templates
Amendment payment form (docx 29 KB) Forms & templates
Amendment request form (docx 82 KB) Forms & templates
Amendments addenda checklist (docx 23 KB) Forms & templates
Anatomical pathology service research request form (doc 103 KB) Forms & templates
Annual safety report form (docx 78 KB) Forms & templates
Appendix B Competing Interest Disclosure (docx 14 KB) Forms & templates
Archive glossary (pdf 190 KB) Information
Archive record (doc 76 KB) Forms & templates
Archiving guideline (pdf 102 KB) Guidelines & checklists
Australia Online Forms for Research
Australian clinical trial handbook (pdf 385 KB) Guidelines & checklists
Australian Code for the Responsible Conduct of Research

The Australian Code for the Responsible Conduct of Research (the Code) guides institutions and researchers in responsible research practices and promotes research integrity. It assists institutions in developing their own employee codes of conduct and procedures for the investigation of allegations of research misconduct by providing a comprehensive framework of acceptable academic standards.

Baker imaging amendment form (docx 168 KB) Forms & templates
Baker imaging form (docx 637 KB) Request form
Being a researcher at Alfred Health information sheet (pdf 434 KB) Information
Biobank (pdf 189 KB) Information
Biobank rules (pdf 702 KB) Information
Biostatistical consulting (pdf 104 KB) Information
Cardiology service research request form (doc 99 KB) Forms & templates
Cardiology services schedule for research (pdf 158 KB)
Case study report consent form (docx 22 KB) Forms & templates
Caulfield Research Poster Handy Hints (pdf 404 KB) Information
Caulfield Research Week Book of Abstracts 2018 (pdf 17 MB) Information
Caulfield Research Week Book of Abstracts 2019 (pdf 20 MB) Information
CEO research misconduct enquiry (docx 16 KB) Information
Changes to research personnel form (docx 31 KB) Forms & templates
Clinical Research Rooms SOP (pdf 119 KB) Information
Clinical trials at The Alfred (pdf 4 MB)

Read about how Alfred Health is leading the way in clinical trials

Clinical Trials Pharmacy (pdf 206 KB) Information
Clinical Trials Preparation Agreement (docx 35 KB) Forms & templates
ClinTrial Refer

ClinTrial Refer connects patients and doctors with clinical trials. View Alfred Health clinical trials.

COI management plan (doc 40 KB) Forms & templates
Concurrent trial enrolment (pdf 80 KB) Guidelines & checklists
CRR Resource Declaration (docx 167 KB) Forms & templates
CTN additional site form (docx 19 KB) Forms & templates
CTN completion form (docx 28 KB) Forms & templates
CTN details form (docx 34 KB) Forms & templates